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I have a five year old mimosa dealbata (Gaulois Asher).
It is planted in my garden in Cyprus. The area is irregated, and in full sun. The first two years I had good foliage and flowers. The tree is now about 5ft high, and the last two years it is becoming sicker and sicker. The leaves are yellow and tips of branches are black. I am aware they are acid loving and have used sequestrian (iron Chelate) to no avail. I also tried wood ash, but I think this has made things worse!.The temperature can reach as high as 42 deg and can be very windy.Do you think I'm expecting to much from my tree? Maybe you can help me save it

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Welcome, Enchanted!
Do you mean Acacia dealbata? Is your water source becoming saline in the drought? If so, but it hasn't gone too far, you can reduce the salt buildup by watering more deeply, but less often. Prilled sulfur powder and humates--such as compost tea--will also help. Wood ash is exactly the wrong thing to put on--it raises the soil pH, which is already too high. From the looks of it, a small amount of epsom salts (not a source of sodium) would also help.

13 Oct, 2010

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