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does anyone know how to grow adenium seed also known as desert rose what kind of soil and conditions or any info I have 240 seed Thank you



Delonix1 should know. If he or someone else doesn't answer in the next few days, I'll check and see what my coworker did to start his.

12 Oct, 2010


treat seed as you would cacti & succulents. Well drained gritty compost, keep moist but not wet & preferably start them off at the beginning of your warm season.
Having said that I have just sown a couple hundred Lithop seeds ( like your adenium they are indiginous to africa) at the end of our warm season, they are doing really well & I mist water them from above as cold is'nt too much of a problem but cold & wet is. Georgia sounds like the perfect location for such plants. Good luck.

12 Oct, 2010


Thanks BB!

Lithops does most of its growing in the cool season of its native habitat. It doesn't get much more water than occasional sea mist there, though.

Adeniums would definitely like the summers in Georgia, but they'll want to come in for the winter.

12 Oct, 2010



12 Oct, 2010

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