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By Dan22

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can you use bubble wrap to insulate a plastic greenhouse.




Yes! Hope you've got loads . .

11 Oct, 2010


How much is loads.

How many layers would be needed.

11 Oct, 2010


One layer should be enough if it has a good over lap where it meets. I have one, I use one length to go around the entire frame meeting in the front, I then put a top on too. Use the ties from bin liners to sort of hang it all round the top of the frame and at the front theses can be opened like a curtain in the front. Finally put the cover on and this will hold the bubble wrap top in place. It works extremely well but it may get hot and humid unless you ventilate it? I achieve this by standing the whole thing on a wooden frame just above the ground with no insulation on the bottom of the frame (in yorkshire you may want to insulate from the floor?
The height of the frame exactly matches the width of the roles of bubble wrap available in garden centres so its quite easy to do. I have used the same 2 pieces of BW for 3 years now, so if you use it well its very economical. Of course you can buy ready made insulating for putting under the cover to.

12 Oct, 2010

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