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can it be divided?
how do you care for it overwinter?

On plant Hedychium densiflorum



Hi Guest,

Yes, H. densiflorum certainly can be divided, in fact that's the most practical way of reproducing all Hedychiums in cultivation.

Unless you're growing them under glass (which is completely unnecessary for this species) then divisions should be done in mid spring, just as the plants are coming back into growth. You can also divide plants that are in active growth (i.e. through the summer months) but it's too easy to damage their growth points and the resulting plants can be very top-heavy and unwieldy.

To divide the rhizomes, take a very sharp knife and make a clean cut through one of the thinner segments, making sure that each section has a minimum of two (and ideally more) growth points/buds.

The species comes from quite high elevations in the Himalayas and, unless you have an extraordinarily cold garden, does not require any winter protection outdoors in this country. Just make sure that the plants are in a fairly open, free-draining compost/soil so there is no chance of water-logging whilst the rhizomes are dormant.

18 Oct, 2010

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