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This is my Canary Islands Palm. It was inside last winter, and has been outside since about April this year. Should I bring it indoors again this winter, and,if so, when? Or would it be safe enough toleave it outside this year in the pot. I live in Bournemouth. Thank you for any help.

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I would bring it in again, if I were you - as soon as the first frosts are due. These are the least hardy palms, so need protecting. I have lost many potted ones in the past (being a novice I thought they were as tough as my other palms, unfortunately not!) The few I have in the ground I now loosely tie the 'leaves' together and wrap with fleece. Regardless of where you are in the UK, these really don't like any frost or cold winter wind, so I recommend keeping it inside over winter.

10 Oct, 2010

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