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why is a plant able to survive in clay soil

Asked from the GoYpedia clay soil plants page



There are a lot of plants that prefer clay soil - it's actually full of nutrients. Roses are a case in point - they thrive in clay.

10 Oct, 2010


As Spritz says, some plants thrive in it. Eucalyptus gunni from Tasmania grows in heavy, wet clays in the central mountains.

Plants that as you say "survive" suggests plants that are just hanging on? Such plants would include species that like organically rich soil such as those that grow in leaf mould or in acid peat bogs or heathland. I have seen heathers planted in heavy clay that are just surviving?....Hellebores that are just surviving,.....Gentians that are just surviving.

10 Oct, 2010


Many plants can take clay soil, but only a few really like it.

Pluses to clay soil: it holds water and nutrients very well.

Minuses to clay soil: unless it has enough organic matter to maintain an open structure, it can exclude air, and exclude water once dry; roots tend to be shallower in clay soil, so some plants are more unstable in the wind; it can be hard enough to inhibit germination, slow the growth of roots, and resist the expansion of root crops and flower bulbs (sometimes a plus, with invasive plants).

Neutrals: it is slow to warm in the spring, and slow to cool in the fall (good for some plants, and bad for others)

The upshot: if you have clay soil, don't cry, but do amend it thoroughly with organic matter to improve its structure, and increase your potential plant palette.

11 Oct, 2010


If that guest was wanting an answer for an exam, he/she will get A+++ for that, Tug! LOL.

11 Oct, 2010


It honestly didn't sound like an exam question to me, Spritz. It would be a little like my zoology professor in college asking "Why do birds have beaks?" I was just reading over what I gave our guest, and I still don't think I really answered their question--but I don't really know how I could!

12 Oct, 2010


Well, I thought your answer was pretty comprehesive! :-)))

12 Oct, 2010


The answer from Tubretel sure helped me too! I've just read about planting shallow Now I understand why :))

14 Oct, 2010


There are a couple of articles that cover the pros and cons of different soil types and might be useful in answering this Qs, as follows:

22 Oct, 2010

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