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Hi all
I planted 3 Dahlias that I purchased from t he Daily Mail. They were in bunches of three tubers. Could somebody please advise me what to do.
I have just dug them up and they have multiplied. How do I put them away, some of them are in bunches and some are single. Do I wash and dry and separate them. Or just shake them and store them in a dry place.




Brush off the soil and make sure they're dry, then store them in dry compost or sawdust in a frost-free place until spring, when you can start them off again in pots - or wait a bit longer until the frosts have finished and plant them out into your garden. Oh, and don't forget to label them - a seed label with an elastic band, maybe?

10 Oct, 2010


Next year try leaving some in the ground. Mine have survived outdoors for the past 10 years.

10 Oct, 2010


Mine have survived in the ground too Anchorman for around 5 years now, even last winter, found I lost more in storage than in the ground.

10 Oct, 2010


I'm the opposite, except that two 'bedding' dahlias I left in appeared again...I was amazed!

10 Oct, 2010


"found I lost more in storage than in the ground."

So did I that's why I started leaving them in the ground. Most of the ones I've left in the ground have been bedding dahlias so maybe they're hardier than the fancier ones.

10 Oct, 2010


Very strange in that ultra-cold winter, though.

10 Oct, 2010


Yes a few of my customers lost the odd dahlia in last years hard winter but I was lucky and lost none.

10 Oct, 2010


I'm green with envy. I'm supposed to be in a mild area! lol.

11 Oct, 2010

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