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I have wisteria that is 8 years old and has not flowered.It is in partial shade and on a SE wall which may not be a good position. I can only move it if I put it in a pot. Is it likely to survive that operation and if so when should I move it? <



It will not thrive in a pot, unless kept dwarf (almost bonsai style), so consider that carefully before moving it. Another point is that if it's been in the ground for 8 years, I bet it's made a mighty huge root system, and you'll damage that if you move it. It will flower when it matures,. South-east aint bad, (at least it's got 'south' in it), and it will get there. Proper pruning regime, winter AND summer (the important one for flowering), and I'm sure you'll win in the end. Phil J

10 Oct, 2010

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