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ButterNut Squash
I managed to frow Butternut Squash from seeds this year the plants grew quite well.
I gave about 6 plants to my cousin who is a vegetarian and after a couple -3 months she seemed disapointed that nothing seemed top be happening with them , they would bloom and that would be it and nothing else would happen.

She and her partner were tidying up their little veggie plot last week and her partner nearly chucked the fallen leaves and the butternut squash plants away when he saw 2 strange things on the plants .He called to my cousin and she was shocked to see 2 butternut squashes!! , the fruit looked a unusual shape , but they were both surprised as she thought she wouldnt be getting anything of the plants .
What i want to know is it a bit late for these to be like they are at the moment , i think they are about 4 inches big



Most varieties of butternuts grow to at least a foot long, normally the size of a small marrow, with an enlarged bulbous end.
If these were very late and are small, they can still be ripened off and eaten, like courgettes. You can either eat them straight away when the flesh will be creamier or leave them to fully ripen when the flesh will be sweeter.
The trouble is with such small fruit it's likely the ratio of seeds to edible matter will be fairly small.
You CAN eat the seeds though, like pumpkin nuts.
They are very unlikely to grow any bigger this late in the season, so just enjoy them, and sow the seed and get plants established much earlier next year, in the sunniest most open spot you can find.

9 Oct, 2010

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