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My lawn 350sq mtrs,on breckland sand ,10 yrs old,has become infested by voles, I think. Its very soft and spungy with litte hills all over that sinks down when steped on. the grass is so soft that my mower wheels cuts it up on turns. any ideas how to cure or treat this problem ? I believe Voles are protected. thanks Derek.



I bet it's moles, not voles. Mole hunting runs are just below the surface, and show as slightly raised (and as you've found out, soft) lines, a few inches wide. The moles are tunneling fast, at worm level, and they push up the soil slightly as they go, plus cause some subsidence in a very minor way, because when you tread on the raised ground, it collapses into the tunnel. Phil J

8 Oct, 2010


we always have a mole problem and catch them regular (traps), but tthis problem they never break surface no mole hills , could it be voles?. HELP. Thanks for your coments derek

9 Oct, 2010

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