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Hi, I'm fairly new here and have just done a blog, it appears that the site does not accept links, or is it me doing something wrong. If the site doesn't allow links is there a particular reason for this. Thanks Bob



Yes, it does, but you need to read the community guidelines at the bottom of the page, as adverts are not allowed. if you have problems, then use the 'contact us' link and ask for help from Peter & Ajay who run the site.

Welcome to GOY, by the way.

8 Oct, 2010


I've just read your blog (and looked at all your beautiful fuschia The links seem to be in your blog. You just have to cut & past them into your browser bar. See if that works for you, Bob.

8 Oct, 2010


Your Fuchias are simply beautiful Bob, wonderful colours too and your photos fab. welcome to this website, hope you enjoy.

8 Oct, 2010


I've just had a browse through your fuchsia collection - well, some of them, so I gather! They really are wonderful. Hywel, one of our other members, has a collection, too - I'm sure he'll enjoy looking at yours, and vice-versa.

8 Oct, 2010


Hi all, Thanks for the replies but although i see links are not allowed because of adverts there are times that links are NOT advertising but hey you all seem happy with that. All the best Bob

13 Oct, 2010


BikerBob....all the links you have put in your blog will work for me so I'm not sure what you are referring to. I just highlight and cut & paste the website addresses and up they come (i.e. Jason's garden).

On your homepage "About Me" you have your personal blog website listed and that link works as well.

Take another look and see what's not going right for you.....hope you can figure it out. Actually, the website is being revamped so will be different tomorrow but all the information you presently have should just be transferred.

13 Oct, 2010


Hi again, Yes sorry you probably misunderstand what i mean by links,On the other three club sites i'm in if you paste a link into them, then that link goes Blue and you are able to access it by just clicking on it without cut / paste. I can see perhaps that its easier for adverts to be posted using those links.
Cheers Bob

17 Jan, 2011

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