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Please, I have about a dozen small potatoes that I wish to grow a crop from, they are unavailable in this country, American russets and are lovely and floury with a super flavour. I tried to grow them this year and probably harvested less than I actually put in the ground. Some of the potatoes have a tiny little round hole in them and when cut open one may see where a 'grub' has been. I have discarded any potatoes with holes in them. If you would be kind enough to explain, in very simple language, how I ought to go about chitting these, planting and after care etc, I would be so grateful.
Thank you
Elizabeth Hughes



I would start early next year, but in stages, using a few at a time, so that you hedge your bets, as it were. I doubt you're doing anything wrong, but this year got wet at the right time if you were a slug looking for a tasty small potato! Grow a few in tubs, (greenhouse?) for an early harvest, so you limit the availability to the slugs. If those with holes in them don't rot, they will be fine as seed potatoes, so long as they don't go rotten before chitting time. Retrieve them, and keep them somewhere dry and cool, so fungal diseases don't set in. Phil J

8 Oct, 2010

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