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please can anyone tell me what this plant is called and if I can leave it out in winter




I could be wrong but it looks like Impatiens - if it is, you'll either need to bring it in as a houseplant or it'll kick the bucket at the first suggestion of frost...

8 Oct, 2010


i agree bamboo, looks like a new guinea impatiens to me too.

8 Oct, 2010


no it isnt an impatiens. I grew this as a hanging basket plant and it isnt hardy. cant remember its name. I will go and look through my little book and see if i wrote it down..

8 Oct, 2010


I didnt write it down but I got them from wilkinsons last May.

8 Oct, 2010


It has opposite leaves, so it's not an Impatiens. It looks almost like one of the more outre species of Princess Flower (Tibouchina), but that's iffy.

Maybe a close kin of Tibouchina--Dissotis? But which species?

9 Oct, 2010


neither of those names ring any bells. I am so cross withmyself for not writing it down, though there should be a plant label somewhere. I'm off in the greenhouse to see if I can find it.

nope tidied it up obviously. not usually that organised.

9 Oct, 2010


Thankyou to all who replied I will post another picture that may be more help ann

9 Oct, 2010

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