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I want to make a liquid comfrey feed and wondered how best to go about it. I've tried by stuffing a bucket with leaves, topping up with water and leaving it for a month as advised by other allotmenteers. However I ended up with a lot of sludge and the second time even though I kept it covered there was a lot of wildlife in it and some fungal growth.
Also I was advised to dilute it one pint to a two gallon watering can.
The easier the method the better please!



Well I would suggest you wait until next spring now to make the feed, or 'tea', but he method is very simple:

Cut up the fresh plants into small pieces and soak them in water (use 1 kg/2 lb of plants per 10 litres/15 pints of water) and leave it to steep for between one and four weeks – use a wooden or stoneware container, or even plastic if necessary, never use a metal container. Stir the liquid from time to time to help it ferment; then filter out the plant pulp. Use the resulting liquid fertilizer diluted in the proportion of 1:10–20, as appropriate. — from In Tune with the Moon

7 Oct, 2010


doh! If I had brains................... Never occured to me to strain it. Thanks for the instructions, now just one more question, how do I weigh out 2lb of leaves when at the allotment? On second thoughts rather than worry about transporting my kitchen or bathroom scales I'll just stuff a bucket etc but remember to strain it as that seems to be where I've been going wrong!

9 Oct, 2010


Take a look at the weight of a cabbage or or some chard leaves - this should give you an idea of how much comfrey to put in your bucket :-)

9 Oct, 2010

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