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I have a 20 year old Pittosporam which is now 4 metres high and wide
Can I prune it back heavily as where I have cleared out some of the lower branches it has re shot so I wondered if I could almost coppice it



You can prune it back by a third to a half, but not till late next Spring, or in early summer.

6 Oct, 2010


You can prune it quite hard, but it's best done in the spring. Advice is to clip it - but also that it will regrow from hard pruning, so good luck if you decide to do it.

6 Oct, 2010


Snap, Bamboo! :-)

6 Oct, 2010


Well yes and no, Spritz - you're quite right in that regular clipping over is much better than a major hacking back when its got too big, not to mention less risky in terms of the plant surviving major surgery.

6 Oct, 2010


Useful answer. I've got an overgrown pottosporum in one of my customers gardens and I've wondered about a severe pruning. It seems this will be OK if done in spring.

6 Oct, 2010

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