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why are the walnuts on my tree empty of the nut inside



Have you had a close look at the shell ? If it is thin or absent at one end the nut may have rotted away. Called walnut soft shell it is probably caused by an erratic water supply when the shell was forming.

6 Oct, 2010


A passing squirrel by any chance?

7 Oct, 2010


Squirrels would remove the whole thing, Grandmage, including the shell, not just the nut inside - and the evidence would be all around the base of the tree, lots of smashed shells... you should see the underneath of the chestnut tree in our garden, looks like a car crash!

7 Oct, 2010


Bit like my cob nut tree too!! We have never managed to eat one in fifteen years or so, Was only a suggestion!

7 Oct, 2010

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