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Azaleas and Late Blooming

alaska, United States Us

I have gotten two new azaleas at an end of season sale for a price I couldn't pass up. We had a cool summer and they are looking like buds are forming at the end of each branch. Should I stop this before the frost hits them or will they just stop and go into slumber fine enough as is? Color change is happening now and they are not responding, just looking springy. Hard frost is about two weeks away. I'd like to make the winter as easy as possible on them. I did give them more space and they may just be growing, I've never had them before, I'm not sure how new leaf growth compared to budding would differ. Any advise? :-)



Were they sold as outdoor azaleas? If so its OK. Mine are forming buds now and they aren't affected by frost. are yours evergreen azaleas? Some lose leaves and some don't. They grow well in a fairly sheltered area with other trees and shrubs but need acid soil. If they are in the ground I would add some ericaceous compost. I have them all growing in pots so I can do this and give them acid type feed - otherwise they start going yellowish. I could go on for ever but won't!

27 Aug, 2008


Thanks for the info celandine. I did get them as outdoor. I haven't looked into evergreen or not yet. They were $2 each so I figured I'd try my luck pulling them through the winter. I'm planning to fleece and bubble wrap them to protect from the cold. I'll definately need to give them more acid something next spring, they're potted up and buried in the ground with a tree and shrub general soil mix. They're on each side of the porch steps close to the rails. One might get some wind exposure more than I'd like. Any info is welcome, I'd love to see them going next year. Our frost is about 2 weeks away....

28 Aug, 2008


Good luck with them - I hope they survive. I guess you get a bit colder than we do!

28 Aug, 2008

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