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By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland Sco

When is best time to prune forsythia?



I think it is after it flowers. I have a veritable rabble of forsythia forming a hedge. I was told by a paid gardener friend that if I cut it back now I will have cut off the growth that flowers.

I'd be interested in the answers from people who no - rather than me lol!

5 Oct, 2010


You're right, Pamsco - its after its flowered in spring.

5 Oct, 2010


That is what I thought but was checking for a friend as she was saying now it needed pruned.

Thankyou Pamsco and Bamboo

5 Oct, 2010


I prune mine as the flowers fade in the late spring, so there is plenty of new growth for the next years show.

5 Oct, 2010


That's what the gardeners in Flagstaff, AZ always did.

6 Oct, 2010

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