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can i plant crocus bulbs in ericaceous compost?



They mostly prefer a more neutral ph but will probably still grow. They may not flower next year though. Better in a loam based soil, or good topsoil with a little compost added to it.

3 Oct, 2010


Thanks for your reply fractal. I have a potted blueberry and a lot of space around the edges of the pot that are bare. I would like to have some spring colour in there rather than leaving is bare. What about woodland bulbs like bluebells and snow drops? would they work?

3 Oct, 2010


Some dwarf Fritillaria's and Erythroniums would be happy enough. Anemone blanda and Anemone nemorosa and Trilliums would also be ok in there. Just liquid feed a few weeks before they would normally die down.

3 Oct, 2010


Thanks :)

3 Oct, 2010

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