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I would like to save seed from my peppers do I pick now let them turn red.?do I lay seeds out to dry then put them away for next year. Thank you Shelly



hello Shelly, so easy, just put the seed on a piece of kitchen towel to dry for a few days & they are ready to store for sowing. Green or red peppers produce viable seed but obviously the ripened fruit is better. Depending on the parentage of the peppers it is not always going to be identical fruit that you get your seed from but they will definately grow into pepper plants & produce excellent edible fruit. We do this every year with good results, great fun for all as well. Good luck from a cool & rainy England. My daughter Shellie living in Baltimore, Maryland just visited & was amazed at the colour 'green' everywhere ;-) Join us & share your Mexican photo's, as someone who grows chilli's & cactus from your part of the world this would be so interesting. Keep well.

25 Sep, 2010


You get the most viable seed from fruit that has been allowed to ripen on the bush, and that seed stores better, too. If you have to pick early, look for fruit that has at least started to color up. If you are talking about sweet peppers, eat the fruit from your seedlings cautiously: sweet peppers pollinated by hot peppers almost always produce offspring that are hot, sometimes hotter than their hot parent!

25 Sep, 2010

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