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I just bought an Aloha Lily, how do you care for it and should it be inside or outside.



I finally tracked down what you are asking about. Aloha Lily is a registered trademark name for a type of Eucomis comosa by Golden State Bulb Growers, Inc. With that said, you will need to bring it into a frost-free area for the winter. They grow well in large pots, so that will help. Warmth starts the growth in spring, and they do best in full sun. I use a water-soluble fertilizer once a month. After flowering, seed pods develop, and look good for a very long time, so don't be too quick to cut them down.

25 Sep, 2010


I'm also looking for guidance in caring for the Aloha Lily and just read to keep it out of full sun because the leaves will get scorched. The Aloha lily I have was not doing well in full sun so , I'm keeping mine in a large pot in the shade on my front porch. After a considerable dormancy this winter, the plant is thriving and shooting out leaves like gangbusters. I'm waiting for a bloom. This is the beginning of June 2012 and still no bloom this year. Maybe in the fall or late summer.

7 Jun, 2012


My eucomis' are finally coming up, and they flower in the summer. They are very dormant during the winter, and the main thing then is to keep it covered and protected from slugs and snails which love to much on the bulbs. Now, just give your plants some fertilizer once a month, and keep the soil moist but not wet. Also rotate the pot every week or the flower stems, when they come up, will lean.

7 Jun, 2012

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