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Dear Collegues

I have a south-facing garden. I would like to know which shrubs to buy that are high-growing (7 feet maximum) and evergreen to give privacy and screening on left and right sides of the fence, particularly over 14ft from both edges of the house to include the patio area.

The garden size is 30 ft wide X 45 ft long. The back side is well covered by trees. The house is in a new development now five years old.

Thanks. Mukesh



Look at varieties of pittosporum for a start, and then try elaeagnus, photinia, olearia, rosmarinus, osmanthus x burwoodii, and osmanthus 'Goshiki'. I've not shown all the species - that's for you to investigate! It's sometimes a good idea to combine evergreen and deciduous, and if you have the space, and to vary the heights of the shrubs, (obviously, the smaller ones to the front). to complement each other. That way, you broaden your options, and you can ensure a succession of flowering displays. Smaller evergreens include cistus cultivars, convolvulus cneorum, teucrium fruticans. Phil J

21 Sep, 2010



23 Sep, 2010

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