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South Africa Za

when the amirila flower dies do i have to take the boll out of the ground and what do i do with it



Over here we have the Amaryllus and after the leaves and flowers have died down we usually take the BULB out of the pot to dry out ready to replant later on.
Unless, yours is different to ours .
Perhaps you should download a picture of it so we could give you a proper answer

20 Sep, 2010


Maybe they're hardy over in SA, Hijuju???

20 Sep, 2010


In most areas of SA they probably are, Spritz. I know they grow them commercially there. Here, where they are also hardy, I keep them fed and watered until the leaves start to die down in mid-winter--probably June there--and then keep them on short rations of water for a couple of months. New flower stems start after the "drought" ends, and new leaves appear shortly thereafter. I don't transplant them until they are about to bust their pot, or the clump is outgrowing it's spot in the bed, and then not until it's ready to bloom.

21 Sep, 2010

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