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My seedlings are very dence and about 2 inches high. (never done this before) Do I divide them up into other pots or just plant out now? Its Mid September. I would like to sell them for a local charity open day, can I label them to plant out now for flowers in the spring?



You need to 'prick them out' which means gently separating them and planting each seedling into its own little pot. You'll find this easier if the compost in the seedtray is moist, and using a seed label to 'dig out' a small clump, carefully separate each one by holding it by its leaves, not the stems.

Then water the pots carefully and put labels in each. If you over-winter them in a coldframe or greenhouse, depending on what the seedlings are and how much frost protection they need, then you should be able to pot them on into bigger pots in the spring ready to sell.

It would be good if you could tell us what the seedlings are for advice on what temps. they'll tolerate..

19 Sep, 2010


Ah - there's me thinking I was done! No idea which they are just that they're pale pink & very pretty! I dug a couple of plants up from my mum's, planted them in mine & 3 years later they're self seeding allover the garden - which I love. I, just on a whim, gathered a load of seeds after flowering and sprinkled them in a tray with lots of little cells, not expecting that many to come up!!!! I repotted each cell into a 3" pot a few weeks ago. Each pot has probably got 50 seedlings in it & I have 36 pots!!!! Yikes looks like I've created a monster!

What size pot should each seedling have? (Told you I was a bgeinner!)

Thanks so much for your help - hoping I don't wish I never started!

19 Sep, 2010


You are going to have to be strict with yourself, and cruel, unless you have lots of friends and neighbours who'd like some! Each plant needs its own 3" pot to start with!!!

Just think how many pots & labels, and how much compost that will're in the realms of mass production here.

Pot up as many as you think you'll use, sell, or give away, add a few for luck or accidents, then throw the rest in your compost bin!!!!! I think your greenhouse or coldframe will be full to bursting.

We all do this - a packet of seeds all germinate, we get far too many seedlings and we have to be really hard-hearted. I try to remember only to sow half a packet each time, now. I did say 'try'! LOL.

19 Sep, 2010



Live n learn I guess!! I thought I'd be lucky to get half a dozen!! Oh well, I can hear the compost bin burping in contentment from here!

Thanks again


19 Sep, 2010


LOL. You're very welcome, Bev. Good luck with the 'enterprise'. :-))

19 Sep, 2010


haha i do that as well lol gud luk

20 Sep, 2010

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