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I asked a question re Sunflowers, how and when to divide?


By Dreeny8

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I asked a question re: Sunflowers. My mailbox informed me I had 2 replies, However, when referring to the site the replies are re: Artichokes. I havn,t used the site for a while, perhaps I'm doing something wrong.



I've just had a look back at it, Dreeny, and that's very queer, isn't it ?

I think it probably a good idea to ask again and see what happens - might also be worth going to the 'contact us' link at the very bottom of the page, and asking the site's owners what's gone wrong - they'd be able to give a definitive answer.

I'm no sunflower expert so can't help with your original question about them.

17 Sep, 2010


Thanks Louise
I thought it might have been me not pressing the right buttons, having been
AWOL for a while.


17 Sep, 2010


Dreeny,your sunflowers are annuals - so they'll be dying any time from now on during autumn. so not much point in worrying about dividing them.

17 Sep, 2010


That was because it was suggested that your 'sunflowers' might have been the perennial relative of the sunflower, helianthus tuberosus, which is Jerusalem artichoke. It has lovely yellow daisy flowers, grows to ten feet, and the tubers are edible. Phil J

17 Sep, 2010

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