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By Japon

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

My acer trompenburg has grown very fast and become very leggy, Will pruning help it to branch out? And when is the best time to prune acers?



Unless it's lop-sided, I would leave it alone, because it will attain a certain height and then 'catch' up, like children do. However, if it is necessar, after leaf fall it can be pruned. Phil J

16 Sep, 2010


Nipping out the tips will encourage branching. Is your acer a bonsai or a regular tree & what height is it? As to when to prune I do this in the Spring just before the new buds open. Trompenburg is a superb acer, any chance of a photo Japon?
Also I agree with Philjeffs re leaving it to develope. I have actually done this with one of my acers & it has gone from a two branch leggy stick affair to a really nice two tier little tree with no pruning what-so-ever. Have a look at the recent photo's I have just put up for you to see ( the one with two green arrows pointing it out). Good luck.

16 Sep, 2010

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