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I have been growing chiilis for a number of years now and this year has been the best ever. I have about 8 varierties which are now all ripening. As I have a real glut can anyone recomend varios ways of preserving them? (bottling in oil, pickling etc) I have never done well with drying. Look forward to some exciting ideas and recipes.



Freeze them for cooking with only.

16 Sep, 2010


I looked at bottling in oil last year and it is very complicated as apparantly if not done properly, it can be bad news so if you are thinking of this please look it up on the net, I only had 3 plants germinate this year last year everyone about 100 lol good luck

16 Sep, 2010


Snap, I too have 7 or 8 chilli varieties & it's an excellent year for them. I tried to dry a string of chilli's last year, looked so good it won a 1st at our local show. The whole string was about 3' long & no idea how many chillies I sowed together but the effect was dazzling. Hung them in the conservatory to dry, perfect conditions, they all dried very nicely. Then when I decided to check one it was mouldy inside, so was the next one & so on. The ruddy lot was useless. So as I have been growing & freezing them successfully for years I am sticking with that, already have handfuls bagged & frozen with far too many more to pick. Quick rinse under cold tap, keep them whole, straight into bags, chuck in freezer. Has to be one of the quickest things to freeze. No heat loss even after a year of freezing. Check out my chilli photo's. This year popped a few on a plate for the local show, rotter's gave me a 3rd !!! ;-))

17 Sep, 2010

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