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Our Honeysuckle Mint Crisp starts the season looking really healthy but is now sickly, some branches going brown. It is positioned against a south-west facing wall. Our Honeysuckle Darts World growing against same wall and Honeysuckle Halls Prolific growing over an arch are also looking worse for wear but were growing well in the spring. All planted 2 years ago. What are we doing wrong please? Jackie and Ken

On plant Lonicera japonica



This is my experience of my Honeysuckle lonicera.Every spring it puts on vigourous growth looks really well then flowers --welldisapointing,Ive tended to sort of ignore the problem because of other climbers near diong well near it.What ive managed to find out now is ,in spring the soils moist and ive tended to let the plant dry out to quick when the warmer weather arrives. So i will really mulch around it this next spring and make sure its well watered and fed.Im still not totally sure but thats my expierience.

16 Sep, 2010


Correct. Honeysuckle is a woodlander, needing a cool root run, from which it can launch its top up to the light and sun, so it wll often suffer where its roots are also in a dry position. Phil J

16 Sep, 2010

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