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What plants are hardy enough to live in pots, on my outdoor porch, during the winter months Illinois?

Asked from the GoYpedia winter container plants page



A bit beyond my ken. Illinois winter lows average -5 F (-21 C) in the southern part, to -25 F (-32 C) in the north. Any cold climate mavens watching?

15 Sep, 2010


Oh dear, Tug - I hoped you might be able to help. :-((

That sounds very, very cold.

15 Sep, 2010


My aunt in Cleveland, Ohio likes to call up and tell horror stories! : ) Hmmm. Maybe I should ask her?

15 Sep, 2010


I'm showing my geographical ignorance here - are those States near enough each other to have the same climate?

16 Sep, 2010


Ohio is on the same latitude as Illinois, just two states over to the east. The city of Cleveland is on Lake Erie, so it has slightly warmer winters and cooler summers than points farther inland. In Illinois, the city of Chicago would have a similar climate. Much of Illinois is slightly colder than Ohio, because it is farther from the Atlantic.

16 Sep, 2010


Thanks for that. I think I need to find our atlas! ;-)

16 Sep, 2010


Sounds like one for your local garden centre or nusery in the extremes described,my sister in law sucessfully got plants through our bad winter last time in her tropical garden through lagging them and moving into sheltered parts of garden,Make sure you use the correct containers,insulating ,frost proof for your particular conditions.Im thinking its more to look at in the winter than get through it though in your case

16 Sep, 2010

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