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how do I care for an osteospermum?



I leave mine alone, and they come up each year. But some visitors are surprised at that. If you are not in a frost pocket, they will hopefully be hardy for you.

15 Sep, 2010


It depends on whether it's a hardy one or not. The 'bedding' ones that you get each year at Garden Centres aren't, and either need a frost-free place for the winter, or else take cuttings and discard the plant.

The one that is hardy is called Osteospermum jucundum. This one doesn't need a lot of care - just dead-head in the flowering season, and you can pot up some rooted pieces to propagate them. They spread anyway.

15 Sep, 2010


The hardy one will get a bit leggy if not pruned fairly hard every year or two. You can cut back ruthlessly in early September and the plant will produce new leaves before winter. I prune my old Osteospremum clumps to a diameter of about 12-18 inches in early september. this produces a tight hemi spherical plant . You can use a sharp spade used vertically to chop off unwanted foliage all around or if this seems too brutal use secateurs.

I have dozens of these plants in the various gardens I look after and the spade method is quick,easy and works. Hardy Osteospermums are very tough plants! The same method works on a variety of perennials which get leggy . ie geraniums,marjoram,thyme

15 Sep, 2010

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