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Oman Om

How to prune weeping Pussy Willow

On plant Chaenomeles speciosa



Now you have me confused, Guest - your question is about weeping pussy willow, but the latin name you've given is a flowering quince.

I'll try to advise you on both, as I don't know which one it is that you're asking about.

Pruning your willow should be done after it's flowered, and you can cut it back quite hard.

You can prune your Chaenomeles after it has flowered, too, to keep it in shape. They're normally trained against a fence or trellis, so you need to cut out any wayward shoots, unless yours is free-standing.

15 Sep, 2010


Spritzhenry, excellent response. Trick exam question didn't phase you, did it?! Phil J

15 Sep, 2010


Thanks, Phil! Was that you asking? LOL.

15 Sep, 2010


I was wondering who in Oman would be asking about either pussy willow or chaenomeles!!

15 Sep, 2010


They're not necessarily there, Tug. I think that some people are a little economic with the truth of their whereabouts! Could be true, though! The mystery deepens. LOL.

15 Sep, 2010

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