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Can anyone help me identify this small tree please? I think it may be a malus or a prunus. The hard deep reddish orange fruit, which vary in size up to 20mm across, have a protruding apple like end (unlike a cherry which has a dimple). The leaves are smooth, deep green with lighter backs, have alternating veins, are ovoid, come to a point, have small teeth and sprout in groups of 3-4 leaves around groups of 3-4 fruit from small alternating spurs along the twigs. Leaf stalks are reddish. Tree bark is smooth and brown. New leaves are deep red. White flowers in early spring.

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Looks and sounds like a Malus, Singingmouse, but I can't name it for you - however, I'm sure that someone will.

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14 Sep, 2010


agree with Spritz, definitely Malus, but not sure of variety - usually, the ones which have reddish purple leaves early on, with red berries, also have pink or red flowers rather than white.

14 Sep, 2010


Thank you both :-) I shall do a bit more research online

14 Sep, 2010

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