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Unknown Plant At Work

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Can you identify this I found growing at work this week. The ground is well drained, and it the only one around.
Many Thanks Bob




Antirrhinum also commonly known as snapdragon

21 Aug, 2008


Thanks Chris, glad someone knows theirs plants. It must be birds spreading the seeds. Amazing where they grow.
Thanks Again Bob

21 Aug, 2008


With any luck, this antirrhinum will spread its seeds, and next year you might find a bigger patch of snapdragons growing near your work. Thanks for sending in the photo and being interested in identifying the plant.

21 Aug, 2008


I had the same snapdragons. Little did I know they would grow in such a hostile spot. I was pampering them, no need for that than. I have never seen a bird in them though to suck nectar, but I have seen quite a few bees in mine.

22 Aug, 2008



Birds pick up the seeds which fall from the plant. Then the birds carry the seeds elsewhere and some seeds drop, and take root, and become more snapdragons.

22 Aug, 2008

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