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i was given some rooted cuttings of fuchias they are very small and in 2inch pots all hardy which is the best way to see them through the winter i do not heat my greenhouse i think they are to small to be planted even in a nursery bed sonia



I grow perhaps 200 hundred hardy fuchsias from cuttings each year on my nursery. They are not very hardy when very small in their first year so I bring them indoors just before the first frosts and overwinter them in an unheated room in my home. They hang on in there over winter looking progressively more sad but can be potted on in late spring and planted out in late May/early June and they'll grow rapidly and should then be tough enough to survive the next winter outdoors although I usually mulch mine around the base of the plant to give some extra frost protection.

Another good tip is to plant the plants 2 inches deeper in the ground than they were in the pot as this gives more frost protection. Once the stems go woody adfter about a year they are quite hardy and although the top one thirdv of the shoots may be killed by the frosts these can be pruned off down to the ereging leaves after the frosts are over in late spring.

This is a one year old hardy fuchsia I took as a cutting and overwintered indoors and then planted into a bigger pot

12 Sep, 2010


Thankyou Anchorman that has helped me alot and i didn't even ask the question.Good advice thanks.

12 Sep, 2010


hi anchorman you seem to have the same interests as myself i do the garden but not a gardener i go on experditions to the arctic regions and also safaris in africa treked to everest base camp and many other places but i have to have time for my garden i am so pleased i found this website i am not very good with computer but i struggle through some how thanks for your coments sonia

13 Sep, 2010


Everest base camp eh! Very adventurous. I managed Snowdon one year!


13 Sep, 2010

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