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what are the characteristics of sandy soil?

Asked from the GoYpedia sandy soil plants page



Errrr....sand? It's very free draining, and to get plants to thrive, you'd need to add lots and lots of organic material. Can't think what else to say!

Is this an exam question by any chance?

11 Sep, 2010


I think we've been getting a lot of exam questions recently.

11 Sep, 2010


If they are exam questions, why are there so many repeats re cordylines and tomatoes?! Phil J

11 Sep, 2010


Because lots of people grow them - or try to, Phil.

It's 'this' sort of rather strange question that we suspect might be exam ones.

11 Sep, 2010


this one is even stranger as the 'guest' is located in India

11 Sep, 2010


They still do exams there, don't they! Wonder how he/she found us, though?

11 Sep, 2010


good point Spritz

12 Sep, 2010

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