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Could i please get some ideas as to why my Rhubarb leaves suddenly have yellow patches on the leaves?In some places the leaves have become almost transparent and very soft.They were split during their dormancy at the start of the year and the split crowns placed in large containers with John Innes number 3.And they have been tremendously productive this growing season,The discolouration has literaly happened overnight.

On plant Rheum rhabarbarum



Might just be they've started "autumning" specially if you've had a few colder nights.

11 Sep, 2010


Hi bamboo and thanks for the reply.
I am actually located in central Scotland and it has rained the past three nights straight.But has actually been very nice weather during the day.with no great changes in temperature.Usually my Rhubarb sports healthy stems through to the end of October/start of they are in a sheltered position.My concern is really how quickly this has happened,They were immaculate last night and now....sigh!
I have never had this before in the four years i have lived here.

11 Sep, 2010


Only other thing I'd ask is have you been feeding it up till now?

11 Sep, 2010


i'm in east yorks and my rhubarb is going all autumnal on me now so dont worry lordroth.

11 Sep, 2010


i do not usually feed my re-potted Rhubarb during their first season after splitting Bamboo,Although maybe twice during the summer i gave them a drink of my own Comfrey Tea/Liquid as some was left over from the batch that i had made up.But that is all.
i really hope they are reverting to their dormant state Seaburngirl and they are not afflicted with something bad....fingers crossed.^.^
Thanks for your responses

11 Sep, 2010

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