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West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I am interested in plants and shrubs which encourage wildlife, particularly berry bearing shrubs.



I get a lot of wildlife in my garden,mainly because most of the floweres and shrubs i plant are scented.My Buddlejas,Catmint,Azaleas etc are always covered in insects...which help attract birds.
As for berry bearing shrubs that are fantastic wildlife will be hard to beat a Honeysuckle {i have seven of them},strong scented flowers,sweet nectar and small fruits that wild finches adore.

10 Sep, 2010


Try also Amelanchier canadensis, for pretty spring flower, and tasty berries which blackbirds love, and cotoneaster, of which there are many varieties - good for fieldfares, thrushes and blackbirds. Phil J

10 Sep, 2010


Pyracantha - the bees love the white blossom, and the birds love the berries.

10 Sep, 2010


Members of the daisy and parsley families: nectar for the bees and butterflies, and seeds for the songbirds!

10 Sep, 2010


single rather than double flowers are better for insects as they can access the nectar and pollen easier. also planting several plants of similar type closer together helps insects move from area to area. dont forget log piles and things like that to encourage animals to stay in your garden.

10 Sep, 2010


Wildlife seems to love much of what we regard as weeds .Nettles , brambles , clover , ivy ...we have a perennial weed hedge woundwort - bees love it.

The ideal wildlife garden is somewhat neglected in appearance and if you truly love it have to put their needs before your own.

10 Sep, 2010

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