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I have Mushrooms growing in my grass and its killing it how can i get rid of them and regrow the dead area of grass please



Guest, need a photograph - toadstools often grow in lawns, and then just disappear, and do not harm the grass at all, but it sounds as if you have more going on, because you mention a dead area of grass. If this dead area of grass forms a ring , with toadstools at the outer edge, green grass in the centre, on the other side of the dead area, you have a serious problem which is hard to cure. But without more detail or a photograph, hard to say. There is no cure for fungal growths in lawns, although iron sulphate sometimes helps - the fungus growth is usually caused by buried woody debris under the lawn.

9 Sep, 2010


Regular applications of composted cow manure, or compost tea, will usually reduce lawn toadstool problems by giving the toadstool fungus some competition from other organisms.

9 Sep, 2010

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