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anyone got any recipes for using tarragon? its grown well in my herb garden and not used any yet! also ist it hardy?



Depends which tarragon you've got as to whether its fully hardy - if its Russian tarragon, that is hardy, although often disappears in winter. If its true French tarragon, though this is a perennial, it will need protection from frost to get through the winter.
As for recipes, this herb is commonly used with chicken, either in casseroles or when roasting, sometimes used with fish, and to flavour oils and vinegars. I used to have some recipes using it, but discovered very quickly that I hate the taste of tarragon, so sorry, didn't bother to keep any recipes.

9 Sep, 2010


thanks bamboo

9 Sep, 2010


Russian tarragon also tastes quite different than French tarragon, and is used differently in cooking. Unfortunately, I don't like either taste, so I don't have recipes either! One of our local restaurants uses French tarragon in their special cold tuna and pasta dish, but as far as I am concerned, it tastes like tuna salad with a licorice whip--brrr!

9 Sep, 2010


I know what you mean Tug - I don't know how to describe its flavour, and I actually like liquorice and aniseed, so its not either of those for me, but however you describe the flavour, its horrible to me!

10 Sep, 2010


French is great with tuna and capers too.

10 Sep, 2010

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