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We have lots of patches of soil where old sheds, etc have been removed....our aim is to have a beautiful lawn for next spring. How do we best prepare the ground and should we use seed or turf?




Depends on your budget and your patience and how this will blend with rest of your lawn.If you have a small area then consider using turf for whole area patching it can look piece meal if other parts of lawn are patchy.

If a large area then seeding more cost effective autumn a great time to do either but ground preparation essential to get best results .

8 Sep, 2010


You don't seem to have much room to sit. Have you thought of perhaps more hard surface, a round or curved lawn and herbaceous borders.

9 Sep, 2010


Hi, Actually, I think my picture was a bit mis-leading, we have actually just had a huge raised deck built (see profile pic) the pic was just an example of the state of the ground, which is now directly in front of the decking. We have 2 young children, one of which frequently kicks a ball around. We wanted some lovely grass and was going to put some big planters around rather than plant anything directly in the ground to be destroyed by a football! Thanks for your comments, I remember a neighbour who designed a beauful curved lawn in her garden once and it looked amazing...wish I was that creative! :- (

10 Sep, 2010

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