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I have found climbing plant Jasmine Clotted Cream on the internet, could you tell me if this is a hardy plant



Didn't the information alongside it give plenty of details, Mags ? That's bad if it didn't :-(
I think if you're after such specific info i'd google again and see what else comes up .... i'll do that right now and see what shows, usually thousands of bits of info ;-)

8 Sep, 2010


I've just done it, took me about 10 seconds !!!
It's a deciduous plant that doesn't seem a fast grower but it 'did' specify that it 'was' hardy.
It was however described, by Halcyon Plants, as semi evergreen in mild areas, plant it in a sheltered position regardless though.

8 Sep, 2010


We have this and our garden is no way sheltered. It survived last Winter which was somewhat extreme here. It did lose its leaves for the first time since we got it though and took a while to come back and has only just produced a few flowers, very late in the season. So, a definite worthwhile plant.

8 Sep, 2010


One of the best forms of the so-called "Persian Jasmine" or "Summer flowering Jasmine" and a favourite of mine. As said above, its very hardy.

8 Sep, 2010

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