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thanks, down about five weeks so will have a look for the speciaist autumn feed soon just to keep the lawn looking good



HI Greenboy. We all find it less confusing if you continue with any comments, further questions etc on the original thread. Then we know what you're talking about as there are scores of questions on here every day and it's difficult to match up separated bits. Are you one of the people who's asked in the last few days about sowing grass seed?

Welcome to Goy though :-)

8 Sep, 2010


I'd guess you responded under your original question, Greenboy, after this - I saw that and responded to it. One of the things I didn't grasp when I first joined was that, if you ask a question, someone answers, and then you add something underneath, the person who responded will get a notification that something's been added, so will always see your response.

8 Sep, 2010

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