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Thank you for the answer "Bamboo", and may I also thank "Philjeffs" for the humerous answer he gave. I am going to cut the whole bush back this year to try to encourage more flowers. I only cut half of it back last year as I was scared of killing it. I look forward to seeing if it produces mixed flowers, or only one colour.



Remember, it should be cut end of March or early April, and really only to within 2 inches of this year's wood at the base on the parts you cut back previously, and thereafter each year to within 2 inches of old wood. If you live somewhere very windy in winter, its fine to reduce the topgrowth by half this autumn to prevent windrock.

7 Sep, 2010


Just wanted to add that if you joined, Philjeffs might actually have seen your remarks - unless he decides to click on this question for some reason, he won't be aware of it, whereas, if you were a member, and this question was all one thread, he would definitely have seen it. We don't bite, lol!

7 Sep, 2010

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