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I have an aechmea blue rain

North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

thanks guys very much appreciated



Welcome, Dawnieballs!
Sooner or later, bromeliad (including Achmaea) flowers die, then new shoots grow from the mother plant, while she slowly turns brown and dies also. The new babies will grow for 2-3 years, and then bloom themselves. If you can get a good-sized clump going, you will get at least a few flower spikes every year. To grow the babies on to blooming size, give them very bright indirect light or some filtered sun, let the compost dry out almost completely between waterings, and give them some humidity, Feed them lightly once a month with a good low phosphate houseplant fertilizer. When you repot them, use a coarse, fast-draining compost such as cactus mix, or Cymbidium mix. Hope this helps!

6 Sep, 2010


In addition, I believe that the dying parent rosette diverts a lot of its stored food reserves to the new offsets at least initially.

7 Sep, 2010


True. If the flowers aren't pollinated by a certain time--fairly long in bromeliads--the plant doesn't waste much energy on maintaining the old flower stalk.

7 Sep, 2010


Thanks guys very much appreciated

14 Sep, 2010


How do i take the cuttings

6 Jun, 2013

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