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By Robjoby

North Humberside, United Kingdom Gb

I have a strange plant growing in various parts of my garden. The plant forms a bush about 1 metre high, it has white trumpet shaped flowers and seed pods about the same size as Horse Chestnut casings with sharp strong prickles like Horse Chestnut casings.
I have attached some photos showing the leaves, flowers and seed pods, and I would appreciate any help in identifying the plant.

Cimg0107 Cimg0109 Cimg0108



its one of the datura's. there have been loads of queries about this plant this year.

5 Sep, 2010


welcome to GoY too. I' near Hull where are you in Nth Humberside?

5 Sep, 2010


yep, it's a dat, possible metaloides, all parts poisonous,

5 Sep, 2010


'all parts poisonous'

Yes, but no cause for alarm.

Accidental poisoning is extremely rare to never.

6 Sep, 2010


Wow that was quick. I wasn't expecting a fast response. This site has some keen members.

Thanks for your pointers towards Datura. I checked Datura in Wiki and found a picture of "Datura stramonium", which looks pretty close to an exact match.

What puzzles me is where are these seeds coming from? Are the seeds poisonous to birds too? if so, what other means of transport is bringing them?

I've lived here (Burton Pidsea) for twenty years and never seen any similar plants, until last year, when one started growing near my drive at the front of the house. This year I've got a very healthy specimen in my fruit cage and another one near my compost heaps. Both these sites are about 100 metres away from last years plant.

I've even asked a couple of local farmers and they've never come across them. So it's all a big mystery.

One thing is for sure though, I'm going to dig them up and destroy them as I don't want any accidents with the dogs or grand children playing in the garden and I'd rather not have any more next year.

So thanks once again to all who replied.


6 Sep, 2010


Thorn apple. Often found it growing in the fields where I grew up. As above,poisonous. Phil J

6 Sep, 2010

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