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By Flowery

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I am new to this site and struggling to find my way round. Meanie asked me a question about my Tropaeolum. What do I have to do to reply to the person? My Tropaeolum has been pest free since I began growing it, which is about three years now.



Go to your inbox on your homepage and you should find the question there. It will have a 'reply' button. Click on that and you can reply. Simples! I'm new here too....welcome to GOY....I am pretty sure I've given you the right advice, Flowery.

5 Sep, 2010


Just leave a comment under the original photo Flowery!
If you use your"homepage" (under garden centre top right of every page) you can keep an eye on every thing that you post up or comment on.
Thanks for the reply!!
And welcome to the forum!

5 Sep, 2010


welcome to GoY flowery, you will soon find your way round. if you want to send a message just for one person then you click on their picture/avitar and then you get the option to send a personal message. they cannot be read by any one else, nor will they be seen in your outbox except be you. useful if you want to give or receive addresses for example.

5 Sep, 2010


hello Flowery, I am so envious of your tropaelium speciosum, I'm assuming that is the one. Tried it on two seperate occasions in two different gardens with no success. Followed all the advice but no luck. Got any tips? I'v heard it fairs better the further north you go & prefers it's roots in the shade & head in the sun. Hope your finding your way around the site now. I'm new this summer & everyone has been so warm & friendly GoY is going to be such a bonus throughout the coming winter. Your garden is a credit. Love the heron, cheeky fella. Must look like a pteradactyl coming in to land so close to you all. All the best.

5 Sep, 2010

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