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I have had trouble getting vegetables to grow in my veg patch,they come up deformed. I have just tested the soil with a Ph prob and it reads 5 on the acidic scale. What can I dig in to the soil to get proper vegetables next season. If all else fails, what veg do you recommend that I should grow in there. RRS



Hi Rrs when you say the veg. come up deformed are these root veg? Could you be a little more specific please.

5 Sep, 2010


5 is incredibly acidic. Suggest the addition of lime, and some good compost to redress the balance for a start. Phil J

5 Sep, 2010


Moon Grower and Phil J.
Many thanks to you both for your replys, I have tried Brussels, Cabbage,Cauliflower,Carrot,Parsnips Baby Corn over the last 4 - 5 years and these come up they can by stunted and un edable, the greens shoot and do not produce and the corn was de -formed . I have tried Chichen manure pellets, Stable manure , mi9xture of John Inness and peat based compost.
I have even tried bring them on in the biogradable pots in the John Innes mix and they did well untill going into the ground. I have just pulled up my brussels as they have already bolted and gone to flower. The Cauli heads are small and loose lumps instead of a nice tight cauli that you buy in the shops and they are a light brown colour. The only thing left in there now ,is my first attemp with Cereriac, nice green folage as with all the others, but I have not looked under the soil yet.
Any suggestions other than move house.


6 Sep, 2010


Phil 5 is not 'incredilby' acidic! Any ericaceous plant would be more than happy in it. Rrs I get the feeling there is something more than the acidity of the soil going on with your veg. as potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans and onions will all grow in acidic soil. If you are using stable manure is it well rotted, i.e. has it been sitting for 12 months minimum? Adding peat to acidic soil is not a good idea neither is using the biodegradable peat pots! What you need to be getting into the ground is a good lot of compost or soil improver that does not contain peat. Even grass clippings can be dug in and used as a mulch. You will as Phil says need to lime the plot and it is unlikely you will ever do well with carrots or parsnips which like a thin sandy soil to grow well.

Your celeriac wont be ready for a while yet.

6 Sep, 2010


Moon Grower, Many thanks yet again, the stable manure has been in a good 2 years. I will look for lime and put grass cuttings in this autumn and try beans etc. for next year. Again many thanks RRS

7 Sep, 2010


You are welcome, good luck for next year.

8 Sep, 2010

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