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Moving palm tree advice?
We have a really healthy Chinese Windmill Palm in our garden (not in a pot). We're hoping to move house within the next 6 months and would really like to take it with us. We've had it for about 5 years, and it's now almost 6 foot tall.

Should we put it in a pot before it gets any bigger? It didn't grow for the first 2-3 years, but has been growing very quickly the last couple of years.

Any advice would be very welcome - we'd love to take it with us (it was a gift and has sentimental value), but we'd hate to kill it.

On plant Trachycarpus



At six feet, you may find the rootball is far to large for a pot, in which case you need to have available something large like a tarpaulin which can be wrapped around the rootball after the plant has been dug out (without destroying major/minor roots, and keeping a good rootball around it). This would be best done at a time when it can soon be replanted, obviously, unless you want to risk digging round the roots to see just how far they've spread and whether its possible to put it in a pot now.

5 Sep, 2010


Thank you for the advice. If the rootball isn't too big, can you suggest a preferred time of year to replant it?

5 Sep, 2010


These things are always best done September/October if possible, less stress on the plant with the cooler, damper weather, and not in growing mode either.

5 Sep, 2010



5 Sep, 2010

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