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what are the berries on a laural bush can you do anything with them



No they are poisonous

5 Sep, 2010


You can boil them up and use the juice as a dye but be careful no one tries to taste them as they are poisonous so use a pan you do not use for cooking. Ormake sure it is spotless before using it again. The dye will stain anything it comes in contact with.

5 Sep, 2010


Depending which laurel you're talking about - on spotted laurel, those berries will be bright red by Christmas time, great for cutting and bringing into the house as decoration - unless you mean Prunus, just plain dark green leaves, they don't go red.

5 Sep, 2010


I was thinking of Prunus laurocerasus, which has black berries which give a purple dye.

5 Sep, 2010

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