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Hello everyone. This is the first time I have asked a question but have been reading your pages for ages now. I have cut the top growth off a pot of lilies and there are what I can only describe as seeds in pods at the top of the stems. Are these what you call bulbils? If so what do I do with them?
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The lily bulbs need the leaves and stems to make food to build up the flower for next year, so you should just cut or snap off the seed pods behind where the flowers were.

Bulbils grow in the joint between the leaf and the stem, but not all sorts of lilies produce them. If your lily has them you can pot them up and grow them on but it might take them several years to get to flowering size.

It sounds as though what you have are seed pods. It is possible to grow lilies from seed - that's where all the different varieties have come from, but it would take even longer than growing from bulbils.

If you have cut all the top growth off your lily bulbs (whoops!) they will probably be able to flower next year, but may not be quite as good as if you'd let them photosynthesise and store up food a bit longer. Never mind!

4 Sep, 2010


Thanks Beattie. I did leave the stems for approximately 6 weeks after they flowered and fed the bulbs also so hoping that is long enough. if not, I will learn from my mistake.

4 Sep, 2010

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